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Let´sGlow together.

Just people who channel their energy and collaborate to shape a brighter space.


Each person possesses unique abilities. What if we exchanged our different skills and personal resources with each other? This form of competence exchange would have a positive impact for everyone involved. Our own weaknesses could be balanced by someone else’s strengths. Following the motto: Give what you can, and receive what you need! This approach could foster a new sense of community in our society, driven by greater solidarity and connectedness. Do you share the COLABS vision? Then back to the barter!


We humans often act based on reason. We are shaped by uncertainties or fears, sometimes halting a process before it even begins because our thinking is so limited that we deem many things impossible. It all starts with a thought; the resulting emotions amplify it, leading to an initial impulse to act or not. We frequently forget that all living beings consist of energy. Energies permeate everything—within us, in stones, plants, water, the air we breathe, and more...